Movies & Television That Featured Cybersecurity Experts and Hackers

As you might have guessed, there are 100’s of titles that could have gone into this article. So to simplify this, we’ve decided to feature a few of our favourite shows and movies.

Mr Robot

In the modern era, Mr. Robot is probably the most instantly recognisable and well-known franchise to shine light on this mysterious world.

The main character: Elliot Anderson (played by Rami Malek), is a cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. He is often seen in his trademark black hoodie as he goes around hacking into bad guys’ computer networks to expose their fraudulent, criminal dealings.

He joins up with a team of like minded hackers on their mission to infiltrate evil corporations’ digital networks and bring down billion dollar conglomerates to their knees.

Mr. Robot doesn’t have 3 PrimeTime Emmy awards for nothing. This show is gritty, captivating, and features stellar performances from an all-star cast.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a movie that explores the theme of cybersecurity and hacking in a dystopian society.

The protagonist, V, is an anonymous hacker who uses his skills to fight against a totalitarian government. In one scene, V hijacks the projector systems in over two dozen classrooms at Washington State University, showing a video message that calls for revolution.

This portrayal of hacking highlights the potential power of cyber attacks and the need for strong cybersecurity measures to prevent such incidents.

The film has gained popularity among cybersecurity professionals, ranking among the top 10 movies for hackers and cybersecurity experts. V for Vendetta serves as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in our increasingly digital world.

The Matrix

The Matrix is not just a classic sci-fi film with awesome fight scenes and slow motion bending; it is also an iconic portrayal of cybersecurity and hacking. While other hacker movies become outdated with technology advancements, The Matrix has expanded the concept of hacking to become metaphorical and relevant to this day.

The film challenges the notion that rules in virtual environments are unbreakable laws, instead showing how they are polite conventions that can be challenged by hackers.

This message has long entered the hacker’s vernacular as methods of describing different types of hacks. Watching hacker and cybersecurity movies like The Matrix can provide insights into the world of cybersecurity, emphasising the value of cybersecurity while learning more about the present state of cybercrime.


The release of the movie “Snowden” shed light on cybersecurity and hacking themes in the real world. The movie portrayed the story of Edward Snowden, who revealed the massive U.S. government spying program to the world.

Several cybersecurity issues were raised in the movie, highlighting the challenges that organisations face in maintaining digital secrecy. The movie also showed how insiders can share digital secrets with the outside world, increasing the chances of information falling into the hands of hackers.

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